Louvre Abu Dhabi

The new Louvre Abu Dhabi opened last November 2017. The museum partners with Agence France Museum, gathering seventeen of France’s most renowned cultural institutions. We are very proud that they have chosen us to design, produce and set up the tactile accessibility of the permanent exhibition.

Delivery date : 2017
Client : Agence France Museum / Louvre AbuDhabi
Partner :Wam

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For us it was a double-faceted accessibility  approach: first to meet universal needs, specifically for the blind and visually impaired people, and second as for cultural accessibility. We worked collaboratively with the Louvre Abu Dhabi’s teams to find how to better convey the knowledge and offer a story accessible for all, beyond geography and cultures.


Each station benefits from an educational approach: first a short and easy to understand introduction to the topic, then a 3D stylised model of the object or artwork and finally we allow an in-depth tactile discovery of one or several details. The sensory experience is complemented by an adapted and innovative audio-guide.


Fourteen tactile stations span a selection of cultural achievements from 3000 BCE to the present day. Paintings, sculptures, ritual or daily life objects invite visitors to a free sensory exploration of their qualities and meanings.

Seven tactile stations have been installed by now, the others are programmed for early 2018. To be continued..

The bactrian Princess Photography by the huntr (c) huntr


Project in cooperation with:

Direction des publics du LAD

Agence France Museum

Interface Handicap, assistance à maîtrise d’ouvrage

Tourism & Culture Abu Dhabi

Valentin Hüys Association’s testers